Down-under 2013

Closing in to the end

My last full day in Melbourne, or so I figured. Checking my ticket I realize that I leave 22:55 tomorrow, that’s almost a full day.


I still did some farewells today, but not until me and my hostess enjoyed a coffee in one of the nice little cafe’s found where she lives.


I then went on to Gloria Jean’s, a place that I have enjoyed during this trip, mainly due to their next door neighbors free WiFi. They also have a yum ice tea with lemon and lychee.


My appetite is a bit low because I’m unhappy about returning to real life, knowing that I have to eat I went for something I know I always pretty much polish of.


After enjoying the mall for one last afternoon I headed to the grocerystores, starting with aldi.


Shopping there is like shopping in Denmark, you only find half of the stuff you need, then you have to go to the next one. That’s what I had to do with my Timtams! When you have friends that have been down-under that is the one thing they want you to bring back.


The reaction of the check-out man when he saw all the timtams, was the highlight of the day; “who’s going overseas?”. Apparently stocking up on timtams is more common than one can think.

Returning back home, the evening went to procrastination. Instead of packing I was reading, writing, watching telly, and of course cooking.

Dinner of the evening; redcurry salmon.


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