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The journey home

I left you yesterday with me sitting at the Melbourne airport waiting to board my gate. Once we were on the plane I realized that the flight wasn’t 12 hours as I thought, it was 14+, there isn’t that much to say about the trip home other than a study in airplane food, starting with dinner, but not until you gotten to play with the stickers.Home 1The evenings dinner was some kind of chicken with rice and veggies.Home 2With a very strange, but edible ice-cream for dessert.Home 3And since going on a plane for hours, and hours by yourself, I had An officer and a gentleman as a dinner companion.Home 4After dinner I did my best in order to sleep, something I find very difficult on a plane, however since we were to land in Doha at 6am in the morning, I figured if I slept now then I should be right on it once I got home. As our morning approached we were served a super yum breakfast;Home 5As we landed so early and I only had a short stop in the airport, it didn’t take that long before I had yet another breakfast in front of me, slightly different from the previous one.Home 6For some reason I was still super hungry once I polished breakfast no 2 of, I don’t know how since I mostly been sitting still doing nothing for a very long time. Knowing that nothing else would be served until we approached Copenhagen I very sweetly asked for some more, and poof;Home 8They found me some leftover bread and cheese so I could fill my tummy, and it managed to stay full until it was time for the last meal of the trip, a hot sandwich.Home 9It’s funny how a post about a journey can become so much about food. I have more coming since I was thinking ahead and had ordered groceries for home delivery. I was pretty sure that after the long trip I would have not interest of leaving the apartment for anything once I got home, and I was right. I didn’t want to ruin my good eating habits already on my first day home though, so I decided to pay the little extra to have it delivered. So when I came home this is how it looked outside my front door.Home - groceriesI have been a good girl and at 20:45 in the evening I’m still awake, and I haven’t spent the whole afternoon on the couch! I have unpacked my suitcase to make sure that all my mugs and other souvenirs survived the trip home, and they did! I have also started one load of laundry and done some cleaning – pretty awesome I say.

So people, I know that my trip have gained me several new followers, this is the last post on the Down-Under 2013 topic. As of tomorrow it is back to the real world and things like the unemployment agency and other grown-up items, but hey, you are all more than welcome to stick around for that as well!

Before I leave, I have to say a big thanks to my girls in Melbourne, Wellington and Dunedin that let me take over their homes on such short notice, and taking such good care of me. After the first couple of months of this year, it was exactly what I needed and I now find myself energized and ready to take on the world! All the hugs and thanks to you girls! Everyone should have friends like you.

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