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Temporary morning person

I am not a morning person, have never been and have no real plans to become one, that said, every time the good old jet lag kicks in I temporarily become one. This morning I woke up a bit before six am with the urgent need of visiting the ladies room, when I realized what time it was I kept telling my body to not wake up on the trip there so I could go back to sleep. After crawling back into bed and closing my eyes I thought to myself “Oh, you might as well just get up and get the day started, just try out the whole early morning thing for once”, so I did.Fruitbowl

My first big important thing to do on my to-do list for the day is to visit the unemployment agency, as I’m writing this post there is still an hour to go before they open, and boy the things that I have already accomplished today, starting with a nice and healthy breakfast.Brekkie

I got around to finally getting the hooks up on the wall for my Starbucks mug collection (small tip, never start one, it’s kind of like ‘once you pop you can’t stop).MugsStarbucks collection

Before going for a healthy run in the park I started a load of laundry, that should – or have to be finished before it’s time to go, since I can’t have a shower while it’s going.Run

Then time for the first coffee in the morning, this here is what you call portion control. I’ve noticed that if I make a whole pot of coffee, I drink a whole pot of coffee. During my vacation, I pretty much haven’t had more than one cup a day, so why change that now?Portion controlSo now I’m sitting on couch with my yum cappuccino, updating my post waiting for the unemployment agency to open, even if I had opted to do that in the afternoon my office (the public library) doesn’t open until ten either. This is good when the jet lag passes, so I don’t need to feel bad about sleeping in.

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