Absolutely Nothing

Home, and away!

For you that started following this blog when I gave awesomely interesting updates from my travels down-under, I have some news that might excite you. For you that was following this blog before my last trip, you might remember how I accidentally booked that trip and that the planning wasn’t that great. For you that don’t really know how you ended up here or why you are really reading this, I’m sorry!

Well, all of you, here goes;

I accidentally booked another trip!

Yeps, I know I just got home. I know I spent way too many hours on planes to come back home. I know that I am unemployed with a limited budget and should be spending all my time finding a new job. But seriously, how can turn down the chance of free housing for two weeks? In Thailand!

I guess some people can, I couldn’t resist it so I’m soon to be of and away again. I have one week to apply for jobs like a little maniac so that I hopefully have a couple of interviews when I come back. I also finally get some use out of my little experiments with living on student budgets and the likes, just that this time it’s for real rather than optional. It’s worth it for some sun, beaches and lovely Thailand prices though.

This time it will be more of a pool and beach vacation so there is a serious risk that the blog updates will be even more sad and content-less than the ones from down-under. Reading them are optional, just so that you know (unless you are my mother, sister or any of my best friends!). Until then I am sure I can produce some equally interesting post about my week getting ready for the next round of vacation 🙂

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