Grown-up Stuff

In the office

It seems that my temporary morning person thing is sticking around for a while, as I’m still waking up before the alarm clock, today I beat it with an hour and without even thinking about it, I got out of bed.

The plan for today was simply to head to the office aka the public library, in order to apply for jobs and other practical stuff, so me waking up at seven rather than eight gave me plenty of time to do other stuff before heading out. As the very good girl I am now a days, I of course started with breakfast.BrekkieThen I did the dishes, sorted out a load of laundry, wrote the days to-do list, made the bed (should make mummy proud) and even managed to squeeze a dose of CastleVille in there. It doesn’t seem to matter that I managed to live a whole month without any Facebook games back home I’m still as addicted.

Before heading out I also sorted out some snacks so that I can stay in the office a bit longer, if not I probably would use low blood  sugar levels as an excuse to go home for lunch at noon. And with the extremely strict budget I put myself on, in order to be unemployed for as long as possible, I left my wallet at home to not tempt me with buying lunch out.SnacksI unfortunately have to admit to breaking one of my own rules-for-the-unemployed, and that is sticking with the sweatpants.SweatpantsNot only do I found that I’m balancing it out with heading out to the office, and therefore being allowed to wear the evil sweatpants, I also have a very good excuse (warning for too much information coming up). It’s called PMS! And for all you men and women out there that do not suffer from that shit, be happy! For me, one of the things it does it make me feel yuck, I wouldn’t mind having a shower every ten minutes and none of my clothes feel comfortable, except for the sweatpants that is. Thus I’m allowed!

Now I think it’s time to finish the procrastination, i.e. blogging, and get working on the things I have nicely written down on the to-do list, like finding a job! See you later dudes!

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