Chicken stir-fry for one!

Before I went down-under I always thought that I didn’t like noodles, now after experimenting with new dishes while there, I realize that I do. So yesterday I decided to finally try out the new wok that I bought well over a month ago, my little one-person-wok.The WokFor today’s meal I used one chicken breast, a red bell pepper, a couple of handfuls of sugar peas. For seasoning I used my newly discovered fish sauce, some lime (in a jar), fresh coriander, white pepper and some ginger (also this one out of the jar).Veggies (2)Start by frying the chicken in the cure adorable little wok;The chickenWhile it is cooking away I start adding some fish sauce, lime, white pepper and ginger. Then once the chicken is cooked through I add the veggies,Veggies in WokIt’ looks so yummy! As this is cooking, I add some more of all the spices if I don’t think it tastes enough. After a few minutes, I don’t like my veggies cooked too much as I rather want them a bit crunchy. Right in the end, I add the fresh coriander.

While all this is going on, I boil the kettle and put my noodles in a bowl to pour the boiled water over and let stand for about five minutes. It’s kind of funny that the same noodle brand have different directions for how to cook the noodles in different countries. The above method is how I was directed to do it in Australia so I’m sticking with it.The noodlesOnce the noodles and the stir-fry are done, I add them together on a plate and eat! I loved it!The done deal

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