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The Swedish Goddess not so affordable breakfast

When you don’t have to rush out the door in the morning, making a nice fruit salad must be one of the best things ever. This specific fruit wasn’t the cheapest due to a couple of reasons; firstly I didn’t purchase it in the cheapest store in town, secondly I didn’t check the receipt until I got home so I didn’t realize that the girl behind the counter charged me for ecological fruit rather than normal.

Fruit bowl

Well, since I already bought the fruit I figured I might as well eat it. I used one banana, one apple, one pear, one orange and one grapefruit (I ate the rest of the grapefruit last night and found one lonely one left over at the bottom of the fruit bowl). All this fruit is enough for two morning servings of fruit, I think that most people probably eat it all in one go. So my price for this mornings breakfast was 9kr (€1.05 or $1,37).


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Apparently Malmö has beautiful sunsets

This is the view me and Miss T had while eating our dinner this evening!

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The Swedish Goddess cooks Pasta

My friends, here comes the first post from the Swedish Goddess and her affordable meals I hope you enjoy!

The dish of the evening is wholemeal pasta mixed with bacon, peas, corn and pepper. This is a super easy dish (at least in Sweden) for a decent price where the most expensive part is the bacon. I choose the store brand and ending up paying 8,90 swedish crowns for it (approx $1,35 or €1,04), it is possible to get it cheaper when you are on the look-out though. The total cost per portion ended up being 10,25kr (€1,20 or $1,55) wich I think aint too bad at all.

Start with boiling the pasta according to the packaging, you can choose absolutely which kind you want, it works with all of them. Sometimes I do this with rice as well, taste awesome too just thought it was time for some variation.


The veggies are the frozen kind and at least here in Sweden they sell the mix of peas, corn and pepper by the bag, which explains that exact combination of veggies. You can either put them in a glass or a bowl, add a few drops of water and then heat them in the microwave, or you can just chuck them into the boiling pasta in its last few minutes. Both options should give the same result, defrosting and heating up the veggies.

Since I absolutely do not like doing dishes I am in the habit of saving dishes as much as possible when I cook, thus when the pasta is ready I pour it into a strainer together with the veggies. Then I add some olive oil in the warm pot, not because bacon needs more grease but to give some taste to the dish.

BaconThen I fry up the small pieces of bacon in the pot, since I buy the strip bacon I chop it up and here in Sweden the small bacon cubes tend to be a bit more expensive. When I’m happy with the consistency of the bacon I add back the pasta and veggies, then season with salt and pepper.All in da pot

If I were a sauce person, I would probably make a cheese sauce for this, or just add grated cheese on top, however I’m not a sauce person so I don’t.

The best part of dinner is sharing it with someone;

Dinner is served

With a view like this;

ViewI have decided that this specific place should be our new regular place to go! At least during the summer!

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The return of the Swedish Goddess

Back in April I had the idea of “The Swedish Goddess Affordable Meals” however due to all the travelling that took place after that I never got around to it. Now however when my daily meal costs are set to no more than 35 swedish crowns (approx €4 or $5) I think it’s time to make a real effort on this point.

I don’t eat much in general, good thing when on a tight budget, however I tend to not eat cheaply. Just such a basic thing as my favourite snack that happen to be Tomato & Mozzarella, not real cheap at all since just one of these little babies counts for almost a third of the daily budget.SnackThey are so damned good though!

I’m also pretty good at not making proper dinners for myself, the other day I ate three baked potatoes with sour cream and butter. It fills me up and it’s pretty cheap, not sure it counts as a proper meal though. So I figured that I will try to get better on that point and post my really nice and affordable meals here together with all the other useful things I post everyday.

Since taste and affordability is a very subjective matter, I thought that maybe I could aim for some interactiveness from your guys, just adding a small poll on each dish that I post to see if you think they are affordable and up to the standard of a Goddess. Let’s do a practice run;

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Not sure I like it…

I will try it for a while though, I mean in the living room I have the couch to cuddle up on so I don’t really need the chair there. Thus I was thinking that it might work better in the bedroom.

Moving things around forces you to deal with all the times that you vacuumed and was to lazy to vacuum behind heavy and more stationary items, so I’m very happy  that my vacuum cleaner takes well to duct tape since it’s not in the budget to replace the dying little thing.

What do you think?


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Another one bites the dust!

This Thursday morning started with another “Thank you for your application, however we have decided to move forward with other applicants” mail, the type of mail I am fairly sick of  receiving! At least let me come for an interview people, so you can meet me and understand just how awesome I am!!

It is getting frustrating to not even be called for interviews, I am dying for something to do during the days just to activate my brain a bit, it feels like it’s melting away and deteriorating. I don’t really care that much as to what the job would be at this point, just anything would be awesome. However, the people who employ people for jobs have a serious attitude towards the whole over-qualified vs under-qualified issue and it seems to appear that for all the jobs out there I’m one of those two, never just qualified.

I know, all I can do is keep applying and applying and applying and one of these days there will be someone who wants to hire me and then I will be the happiest camper on this planet. Until then I will continue to try to fill my days so the lack of socializing with colleagues doesn’t become to apparent. Like today, I think that I will move some furniture around in my apartment, thinking to move my comfy chair from the living room to the bedroom and make a reading corner in there. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t help that I’m living of my vacation pay, I have been trying to get in contact with the union for some unemployment benefits, it seems that their response time aren’t the quickest. So in order to make my vacation pay last for as long as possible I’m now living on the same level as the poor swedish students, this year for real not like last time when it was by choice. I wont complain, I have enough for food and I have generous friends, it would however be nice to be able to do some excursions and the like when the weather is amazing and I have all this free time. Maybe I should spend the day going through my stuff and see if I can sell any of it…

Oh well, guess the time for ranting is over! Thanks for listening and you have an awesome day!

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Movie of the week – The Great Gatsby

The week continues the way it begun, on a good note. Miss T suggested a visit to the movies today and despite my tight budget I decided that it was a good idea, and boy was it. It turned out that all the previous visits to the movies had accumulated into a free ticket on my movie bonus card, and there was still enough money for popcorn on the gift card I got from my grandmother on my birthday, in other words it was a free evening!


You can tell who made this movie as the Moulin Rouge feeling was there, mostly in the beginning. The music, the dancing and the way it was filmed brought my thoughts directly to Moulin Rouge and the star-crossed lovers in that movie. I do belive that Mr Baz doesn’t like the happy love ever after sagas.

Leo, oh Leo, once again did a fantastic job and the boy is just getting better with age, he doesn’t look like a kid anymore and you could feel all his insecurities, love and pain through out the movie. The things that love for a woman can do to a man!

It’s a beautifully filmed movie, not sure that I’m a big fan of 3D though, it would be interesting to see it in a “normal” format as well, just to see if you would get the same feel for the characters and surroundings as in the 3D format.

The only thing was the length of the movie, at the end I had problems sitting still actually longing for the pain and suffering to end so I could go home and cuddle up on my couch together with a cup of tea (doing that right now). That is never a good thing, I want my movies to be so fantastic that you get surprised when they end and leave you wishing for more.

I do think you should go see it, it might give you something to think about when it come to the priorities that we have in our lives nowadays, what’s more important? Money, or being with the people you love and care for?