Quality of Life

A weekend with mummy

Back in February I went to an singles evening at the Malmö Opera and afterwards I were sent a questionnaire on how the evening went, as a reward you got a 2-for-1 deal on the Magic Flute. As I enjoy attending the Opera I called mother dearest up and asked if she wanted to go with  me, and she did! so I went ahead and booked tickets for an evening in April. It then turned out that specific weekend was just after me returning from my last-minute trip from Australia, and right before my last-minute trip to Thailand, that of course worked out perfectly since I really missed my mum while I was away.

So what do one do during a weekend with mother dearest? If you are really interested, I will now proceed to tell you. It started with her coming down late on Thursday evening so that we could wake up and enjoy a nice breakfast together on Friday, amazing how much nicer it is to eat breakfast if one is two.1. Brekkie for two (2)After hanging out at home for a bit we headed outside in the nice weather and did all the things that girls do when they are out and about;

Trying on clothes

1. Trying on clothes

Going to a nice little bakery1. Bakery (2) 1. Bakery snacks 1. Bakery celing 1. Bakery tableEnjoying a nice Indian lunch1. Indian lunchHaving a cold beer after a long day1. Afternoon beerVisiting the opera1. Opera program (2) 1. Opera snack

All that in one day! On the Saturday we took the train over to Copenhagen to enjoy even more good food and nice weather.2. CPH Ice cream 2. CPH Lunch 2. CPH luxcury snack 2. CPH TapasThe rest of the weekend was spent at home mostly where mother dearest helped me put some more furniture together and move some things around. My mother is blessed, or cursed, with a bit more energy than me which means that every time she is visiting I get plenty of done.

As always it was great having her here, we have fun together and it’s always nice with the company, everyone should be as lucky as having a mummy like mine!

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