Me and my dinner

It’s funny how, when you are on a downer, you forget the things that make you feel better. It is typical that one of my typical things to do when down is to stop eating, when one of the things that make me feel real good is to cook. I find the action of cooking being awesome therapy and it makes me smile, in the past I have been known to cook late at night, not because I’m hungry but because I’m stressed or upset about something, and the cooking makes me relax and think. However, when my appetite is completely gone and I’m sad, cooking is the last thing on my mind, make no sense what so ever I say.

However, today with me being more positive and actually starting to snap out of my lethargy I found myself hungry. Since I obviously haven’t been grocery shopping for a while it was time to go on a treasure hunt and I managed to put together a quite appetizing and tasting meal; oven baked pork chops with black bean rice and chili tomato sauce. Me think pretty impressive for someone who has barely been home for the past I don’t know how many months, and barely been to the grocery store when home.Porck chops w black bean rice and chili tomato sauce

How did I manage this feast? Well I always make sure that I have rice at home. In one drawer I found a box of black beans as well as a box of crushed tomatoes with chili. In the freezer I accidentally had two pork chops and frozen leak. Whoop, whoop! With all that I was cooking away!

Start with boiling the rice and set the oven to 225 degrees (Celsius).

Rinse the black beans in cold water.

Put the pork chops on an oven tray, pour some olive oil over them and add some salt and pepper (the pepper in my grinder is mixed black and white peppercorns).

When the rice is ready, put the pork chops in the oven, they don’t need much time at all.

Mix the black beans and leak with the rice.

For the tomato sauce, pour the crushed tomatoes in a pot, add spices to taste. I used black pepper, basil, oregano and lime juice. Let it boil for a few minutes to let the tastes melt together.

Ready to serve.

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