7 Things

7 things I should be doing this week…

So, after spending a whole week feeling sorry for myself because my life is just so horrible (yeah right!) it’s time to get the ass moving and things done. Thus it is time for another 7-things list, and you are more than welcome to tell me off if I’m not sticking to it!

  1. Apply for at least one job a day! If I don’t apply for them, I will never get them, pretty simple! So full speed ahead this week!
  2. Go out for a walk/run/bike tour at least once a day! Just sitting at home is not healthy for anyone. I know that I can’t have company all the time every day since my friends are working. I can however get out and move, check out the town! This week should be pretty awesome since Eurovision is in town.
  3. Notice the things that makes me smile. It’s so easy in life to focus on the negative things, so I think that this week I will make an effort in noticing the positive things.
  4. Keep my house clean. It’s quite easy to just let things go, or at least it is for me, so this week I will make sure that I do not go to bed with dirty dishes on the kitchen bench as well as doing a little bit of cleaning or de-cluttering every day.
  5. Read. When on vacation I’m always good at reading, or maybe I should say taking the time to read. I find that when at home I don’t do the same. So this week, I will attempt to put a little time a side every day to just read.
  6. Catch up on my letters. Some of you might know about my letter project, I have been very remiss in writing back to the people who have sent me some, so I will try to catch up on that this week. It’s not like I don’t have the time!
  7. Get a proper sleep cycle. With the travelling back and forth between time zones, as well as being a night owl with no real reason to get up in the morning, sleeping doesn’t really have a priority or a healthy cycle. Let’s see if I can fix that this week.

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