Always look at the bright side of life

On the move

Sitting on a train towards Gotham City, finally managed to collect enough energy to do a mini spring-cleaning of the apartment as well as pack for a weekend away. The weekend have been planned for some time since it’s not only mothers day here in Sweden on Sunday, I will also do a small bike race, only 50k.

On the trainThe weather is super depressing, knowing that in a few hours I will be crawled up in mummy’s couch being all cosy and warm makes the trip better though.

I will now enjoy my free Fika (coffee+cinnamon bun for you non-swedes) and try to not be too annoyed with myself for forgetting to bring some DVD’s for me to watch on the train. And I guess, not to think about what else I might have forgotten, after all my brain isn’t all there at the moment.

I’m hoping that this extended weekend with the family will give me a boost so I can get out of this little downer I’ve been on lately, fingers crossed!

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