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Thailand I – The Road there

When I came home from my down-under trip, I didn’t really expect to go traveling again. However, a friend of mine was going to Thailand to visit his mum that has a house in Hua Hin and I got the opportunity to go, my only cost being the flight.

Like all trips, this one had to start somewhere, this one started at the Copenhagen airport. 1. The bagsOnce again it was interesting to see the power of Facebook, as I posted on my page that I was heading out that specific Monday. One of my former colleagues and friends saw the update and kindly informed me that she was going to India that same day and wondered if we could meet up at the airport – which we did, at O’Leary’s.3. The nachos 2. The beerI feel that a small warning should be issued here; at O’Leary’s (at least in Copenhagen) when they ask if you want the large beer, they do not mean a pint, that’s what I thought, they mean 0.75l of beer – it was though to finish it.

We got to fly a new plane that is longer than usual, even the staff was first timers when it came to this specific plane, this was mentioned during boarding. Can’t really say that I noticed it that much, maybe it just took a bit longer for them to deliver the food.4. The plane 6. The dinner 5. The snacksOf course I also had to watch a movie or two, it’s kind of compulsory when flying and I have to admit that I enjoyed the classics section the most since it included Die Hard 5!

8. Die hard 5 7. Die hard 5Before falling asleep and sleeping the rest of the way, I did manage to get a picture out the window.9. The WingOnce we arrived, I had no thought really of taking pictures, we were met at the airport by a driver that took us on the two-hour car ride to Hua Hin. It was real early in the morning and we were tired.

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