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Thailand II – The Food

One thing I have to point out about Thailand is that they have absolutely amazing food, so I will give you a show of some of all the amazing food that I had during my two weeks there!

We had lunch more than once at the Veranda Lodge, which is right on the beach and have great food and good service (most of the time). I loved their salads, so here is the Beef, Tuna and Bacon salads that I tried – yum!

Beef Sallad (3) Tuna sallad Bacon SalladWho would have thought that a small place on the other side of the tracks in Hua Hin would have some of the best sushi I have ever had? Not me at least! They did though and I wish I could be back there eating some more of it. We went there twice during my stay and it was as good both times, and it looks great as well. The place is called Sakura Sushi and is well worth a visit if you ever happen to be in Hua Hin.

Sakura Sushi

More sushi Sushi Dragon rollAfter the salads and the sushi I will admit that we had some Thai food as well, I’m afraid that I can’t remember the name of this place. It was right in the bar area and had great service with cheap prices. I tried a whole bunch of dishes, just because I could.

The CornerThen there was the Thai beef salad, the Thai omelet (not that great though), and last but not least the whole fish with lime sauce – oh my god, that was heaven. Some of these places, I do regret that I didn’t write down the names so that I could share them with you, however you tend to be a bit caught up in the moment when on vacation and just enjoying life.

Thai foodThai omelettFishWe did go to one place where I loved the way the food was served, and tasted great, that I did take a picture of the front of the menu so I would remember it. It is called Cantaloupe Island and they have jam sessions in the evenings, with a speaker system set up outside so you can sit there and eat while watching the band through big glass windows.

Cantaloupe IslandI ordered mixed grill kebab, and check out the way they served them;

KebabsAnd they tasted like heaven! Unfortunately this place had more like European prices rather than Thai prices, so not a place that you go to eat every day.

I will admit to a few late night visits to McDonald’s, I didn’t take any pictures of them though, which was a bit silly as I could add them to my McDonald’s pictures from around the world collection. I did have lunch at Subway one of the days though, and that of course I took a picture of (why on earth did it become fashionable to take pictures of everything you eat?).

SubwayIt was hot in Thailand so there were also all the refreshing fruit, ice teas and cold white wine.

Fruity drink Ice Tea Smoothie Wine FruitI was there for two weeks, so this is just a selection I ate more, I promise! I know I did because I gained a few kilo’s when I was there 🙂

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