Always look at the bright side of life


On Thursday I woke up with two missions, getting the bike to the bike shop for service and go pick up my race number for the Sundays event.

Mission number one turned out to be a bit problematic as the above mentioned bike used to belong to my dad and he must have put the key for it in some real smart place, because we can’t find it and since he’s not around anymore we can’t really ask where he put it. Hopefully, tomorrow we can put it in mom’s car and drive it to the bike shop and ask them to firstly cut the lock of and then secondly give it a proper service that is ready before Sunday. I have a vague feeling that it wont be that easy and instead I will end up borrowing my sisters bike instead. It doesn’t really matter that much as long as I have a bike so I can get around the 50k (if you want to see how it went, check it out here).

The second mission went better as all I had to do was get on the bus down to a place called Backaplan, to one of the bike stores there that were in charge of handing out the numbers for the race. Backaplan was the place we first got to go to when we went shopping without the parents as kids. It wasn’t as far away from home as the city and I guess our parents figured it was safer. As a young teenager it was a real cool place, now I find it mostly depressing and ugly – I sure hope that they are going to fix it up.

Backaplan Backaplan (2)I also took the opportunity to visit these guys;BackplanWhen life isn’t that great, taking a moment to remember that not everyone have a life to live. The stone is a memorial, a bunch of kids that died too soon and didn’t get to grow up at all. So when I feel like crap because no one wants to give a job, or I feel sorry for myself because I spend most days at home, alone, or when I just think that life is shit in general, then it’s good to remember that I am alive and so many others aren’t. It’s all about priorities!

Thus, spending a few minutes just looking at the names, reading them, and remember that they were just kids and never got the chance to be unemployed bums at thirty-three makes you re-consider a little bit. I am happy that I’m around, and I’m happy for the life I have, even though it’s not the best of fun right now.

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