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Movie of the week – The Great Gatsby

The week continues the way it begun, on a good note. Miss T suggested a visit to the movies today and despite my tight budget I decided that it was a good idea, and boy was it. It turned out that all the previous visits to the movies had accumulated into a free ticket on my movie bonus card, and there was still enough money for popcorn on the gift card I got from my grandmother on my birthday, in other words it was a free evening!


You can tell who made this movie as the Moulin Rouge feeling was there, mostly in the beginning. The music, the dancing and the way it was filmed brought my thoughts directly to Moulin Rouge and the star-crossed lovers in that movie. I do belive that Mr Baz doesn’t like the happy love ever after sagas.

Leo, oh Leo, once again did a fantastic job and the boy is just getting better with age, he doesn’t look like a kid anymore and you could feel all his insecurities, love and pain through out the movie. The things that love for a woman can do to a man!

It’s a beautifully filmed movie, not sure that I’m a big fan of 3D though, it would be interesting to see it in a “normal” format as well, just to see if you would get the same feel for the characters and surroundings as in the 3D format.

The only thing was the length of the movie, at the end I had problems sitting still actually longing for the pain and suffering to end so I could go home and cuddle up on my couch together with a cup of tea (doing that right now). That is never a good thing, I want my movies to be so fantastic that you get surprised when they end and leave you wishing for more.

I do think you should go see it, it might give you something to think about when it come to the priorities that we have in our lives nowadays, what’s more important? Money, or being with the people you love and care for?

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