The Swedish goddess affordable meals

The return of the Swedish Goddess

Back in April I had the idea of “The Swedish Goddess Affordable Meals” however due to all the travelling that took place after that I never got around to it. Now however when my daily meal costs are set to no more than 35 swedish crowns (approx €4 or $5) I think it’s time to make a real effort on this point.

I don’t eat much in general, good thing when on a tight budget, however I tend to not eat cheaply. Just such a basic thing as my favourite snack that happen to be Tomato & Mozzarella, not real cheap at all since just one of these little babies counts for almost a third of the daily budget.SnackThey are so damned good though!

I’m also pretty good at not making proper dinners for myself, the other day I ate three baked potatoes with sour cream and butter. It fills me up and it’s pretty cheap, not sure it counts as a proper meal though. So I figured that I will try to get better on that point and post my really nice and affordable meals here together with all the other useful things I post everyday.

Since taste and affordability is a very subjective matter, I thought that maybe I could aim for some interactiveness from your guys, just adding a small poll on each dish that I post to see if you think they are affordable and up to the standard of a Goddess. Let’s do a practice run;

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