The Swedish goddess affordable meals

The Swedish Goddess cooks Pasta

My friends, here comes the first post from the Swedish Goddess and her affordable meals I hope you enjoy!

The dish of the evening is wholemeal pasta mixed with bacon, peas, corn and pepper. This is a super easy dish (at least in Sweden) for a decent price where the most expensive part is the bacon. I choose the store brand and ending up paying 8,90 swedish crowns for it (approx $1,35 or €1,04), it is possible to get it cheaper when you are on the look-out though. The total cost per portion ended up being 10,25kr (€1,20 or $1,55) wich I think aint too bad at all.

Start with boiling the pasta according to the packaging, you can choose absolutely which kind you want, it works with all of them. Sometimes I do this with rice as well, taste awesome too just thought it was time for some variation.


The veggies are the frozen kind and at least here in Sweden they sell the mix of peas, corn and pepper by the bag, which explains that exact combination of veggies. You can either put them in a glass or a bowl, add a few drops of water and then heat them in the microwave, or you can just chuck them into the boiling pasta in its last few minutes. Both options should give the same result, defrosting and heating up the veggies.

Since I absolutely do not like doing dishes I am in the habit of saving dishes as much as possible when I cook, thus when the pasta is ready I pour it into a strainer together with the veggies. Then I add some olive oil in the warm pot, not because bacon needs more grease but to give some taste to the dish.

BaconThen I fry up the small pieces of bacon in the pot, since I buy the strip bacon I chop it up and here in Sweden the small bacon cubes tend to be a bit more expensive. When I’m happy with the consistency of the bacon I add back the pasta and veggies, then season with salt and pepper.All in da pot

If I were a sauce person, I would probably make a cheese sauce for this, or just add grated cheese on top, however I’m not a sauce person so I don’t.

The best part of dinner is sharing it with someone;

Dinner is served

With a view like this;

ViewI have decided that this specific place should be our new regular place to go! At least during the summer!

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