Quality of Life

The best possible way of blowing a budget

Yesterday some of my friends and former colleagues participated in a 6-hour running event, pretty much they ran one hour each in scorching sun while I was sitting under cover drinking beer enjoying my self. Note that I’m very proud of them and very happy it wasn’t me.

Afterwards Miss T, Miss Nicaragua and her sister and me ended up at one of our favourite places for food in Copenhagen, Luna’s Diner. They have nice food in healthy servings, and are absolutely and totally out of my budget, especially when you add a bottle of pink bubbly into the mix, who cares though?

Nachos Pink Bubbles Sampler


While we were sitting there enjoying the good company, this little baby pulled up, you have to admit that it’s a pretty nice car…

Car (2) CarAnother thing I noticed was that they have Fish ‘n Chips on the menu, I should probably set up a date with the good old fish ‘n chippers for a testing.


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