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A glitch in the budget

Since I haven’t been home that much during the spring, I haven’t been cooking that much or shopping that much for the cupboards. Thus now I’m running low on all those basic things that you kind of just need to have at home like olive oil, butter, coffee (I was seriously down to the last batch this morning), even the pasta is running low. All this meant that when I went to the grocery store today I had to re-stock on all those things and the total amount at the end of the tour was a bit higher than expected. Not only that, the whole trip took longer than normal, since I instead of just grabbing the stuff that I usually eat, I was comparing prices weighing cheap vs taste.

Store brand

I decided to go for store brands on things that I usually spend more money on, like the olive oil, cooking butter and sponges for the dishes. I got a refill for the marmalade, just want to clean out the jag before I pour the new stuff in there. I even decided to try the store brand when it came to shampoo and conditioner, it smelled ok so I figured why not try it. If it does work out I will be able to save quite a few coins on that. All these items are conditioned though, if it doesn’t work out I will go back to the more expensive stuff next time I need to re-stock, screw the budget!


I’m also trying out a new coffee, it’s the same brand as I usually buy it’s just that the Dark Temptation flavor was a few crowns cheaper than the Forza flavor. Again, this is totally conditioned! when it comes to coffee there is no messing around.


I even got lucky with the pepper, the three-packs were on special, 10kr ($1,52 or €1,17) compared to the normal 24,90, so I bought two packs for future use. I mean when making stir-fries and the likes, it doesn’t really matter if the pepper has been frozen or not.


There was only one time today that I opted for a more expensive option, my margarine. I could have gotten 200g more for the same price, it’s just that I usually don’t finish the 400g that I buy so it would’ve just been a waste of food – and that I’m allergic to!

Anyhow, by the end of the day, most of the items in my shopping bag wasn’t really food per say it was more things that you need to cook food or make other food. Oh well, one need that as well.

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