Quality of Life

Better late than never

I’m almost ashamed to admit that this little baby has been in my home since christmas, and I haven’t managed to use it until now.

My baby

It was a christmas gift from my wonderful grandmother, and something I have been wanting for a very long time. I guess between christmas and now, life got in the way! Nice to know that I’m getting back on track!

At the grocery store today I bought myself a cheese and the whole way home I had cravings for a grilled cheese sandwich only to come home, open the bag with bread and realise that it was all mouldy! Thus, time to bring out the good old kitchen aid! I even had to take some of the plastic of 😦

I’m proud of my kitchen that not only have the machine but also all the ingredients to make very yum home-made bread, like yeast for example;

YeastI used one of my recipe books rather than the internet for this one, I got to have so much fun, like melting butter;

Melting butterMixing the ingredients together in my fancy machine (and right here you should be happy I can’t post videos, I would have done it);

MixingBut boy what a difference a machine makes. Usually my doughs are dense and hard when they have finished rising. Today it was soft and fluffy, a joy do deal with.

DoughUsually my bread is pretty much the same size coming out of the oven as it was going in, today it wasn’t;

Ready for the ovenOut of the ovenAnd once done, it was so soft, light and fluffy; a pure joy to eat.

FinishedAnd here I will end the ode to my kitchen machine and the amazing bread it makes (not sure it’s that great for grilled cheese sandwiches, must try tomorrow). After baking, dinner cooking, driving classes and completing pretty much everything on the to-do list for the day. Me and my bread has cuddled up in front of a well deserved mini session of the Big Bang Theory.


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