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The Swedish Goddess cooks a whole Chicken

When I went to the grocery store today, I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted for dinner and was more focused on comparing prices than trying to think out something awesome. Then I passed by the chicken department and realized that buying a whole fresh chicken wasn’t that expensive. For some reason I’ve had it in my head that they were and always gotten the bags of frozen chicken breasts instead. So seeing the chicken memories of mum’s chicken dinners came to mind and I decided to go for it.


When I first moved out of home, a long time ago, I wrote down the way my mother cooked her chicken so if I wanted to I could always make some, thus I know that all you need to perfect this dish is a couple of tablespoons of melted butter, some soy sauce and basil. You mix it together, cut the chicken in half and just rub it in the mix (hope mother dearest forgive me for giving away the family secrets).

Rubbed chickenThen you put it in the (preheated) oven for 30 minutes, 225 degrees celsius, then it’s done. Piece of cake!

Cooked chickenI apologize for the crap quality of the photo, didn’t check before I cut the chicken into pieces, I think you get the drift though. As a child this was served with rice and a sauce, today I had cravings for fries though so I decided to go for that instead. They are not home-made, I buy them by the bag in the frozen section.Fries

To save time you should probably try to squeeze them in the oven while the chicken are cooking, as they need another 20 minutes (that’s what this specific brand say on the bag). I was baking at the same time as I was cooking dinner today, so I sorted the fries while making the dough.

Done chickenThis lovely, and simple dinner cost me a whooping 9,82kr (€1,15 or $1,50), it is a small serving tonight since I had a large lunch (found some of this in my freezer), if not I probably would’ve had some more chicken and then we would be up to 13,04, still acceptable!



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