Quality of Life

Bon Jovi Baby!

Last Thursday saw Bon Jovi visiting Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, and I was there!!!! As someone growing up to the sounds of Blaze of Glory, Bed of Roses and Always; there was no way I could say no when the R-Lady asked if I wanted to come sometime last fall. The ticket have been sitting on my fridge waiting for this day to come, and finally it was here.

You can’t go to a concert with a little bit of warm-up, not sure sushi and Bon Jovi is something that I would’ve linked together when I was younger, however now when I’m older and more sophisticated it worked out fine;

SushiThen it was time, or well we are obviously not very seasoned concert goers as first there was an opening act (don’t ask me what that was) and then it took even more time, however me and the girls kept the spirits up.

Da GirlsMaybe with some help of the overpriced beer;

BeerThen the man himself entered the scene and boy was it fun;

The Man HimselfThat’s all the pictures you get as I was too busy singing along, dancing and basically just enjoying the evening. It was so much fun and well worth it, even though he forgot some of the classics! And seriously I can’t get their new song out of my mind, every time it’s on the radio I turn the volume up. I don’t know if it’s because I heard it live and remember the feeling or if it’s just a good song. You decide!

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