The Swedish Chick Says What's on Her Mind

A small change of direction – for the blog

One of my friends suggested that instead of only blogging about things that I do, which are not that much at the moment so nothing much happening here on the blog, I could write about what I think on different topics and matters. I have considered it, and why not! I can use the blog to spew out my views on everything and everyone and after looking around a bit on the big wide web, that would give you followers and that must be all that is important.

So now I’m sitting on the couch, in-between looking for jobs of course, trying to figure out what I can have an opinion on today, and tomorrow and then the day after that, and I might be coming up with some good stuff. Then I was thinking that I should give you guys a chance to have a say, I mean there must be something, some subject where you are just dying to find out what my thoughts are. I mean how can you have lived for this long without knowing what I think?

So guys, give me a topic and I will write an awesome, mind-blowing piece on it, promise!

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