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Oi, oi, oi!

For those who were around yesterday, you know I wasn’t very happy with myself and that I set a list of goals for today to ensure that today was better. Point no 1 says to wake up when the alarm went of, yeah right! I slept through the whole thing and woke up a bit after nine (alarm set for seven). Not the best start I have to admit.

Either way, I got up and “made” breakfast, sat down to eat it while taking a look at the very high-quality paper Aftonbladet, just to find out that I’m a threat to democracy and an internet-hater (i.e. that I make hateful comments on articles and blogs) because I’m eating alone. I’m sorry that the article is in Swedish, it is based on a Swedish research paper so not sure finding it in English is doable.

BrekkieIn order to ensure that the rest of the goals today wasn’t affected by my sleeping in, I skipped coffee, threw my swimming stuff in a bag and set of to the pool. This is where I was sure that the universe was against me, as the pool had a nice little sign in the reception (why update the web?) informing me that the exercise pool is closed until the end of August! Really!?! I was real close to just bike home and sit down on the coach again, real close!

Instead I biked to another pool, I guess I’m lucky to have two pools within a very reasonable distance, it was just that the first one is right next to my driving school so I figured I could combine the two  things. Pool no two is right next to my grocery store though, so I can combine those two things instead.

So yes, I did manage a short swim today, 250m! The reason for the importance of swimming rather than running or biking is that the second part of The Gotham Classic is 1000m swimming. This takes place on the 18th of August, so before that I need to make sure that I’m capable of swimming so far.Pool

Returning home from this fantastic swim, I saw a note sitting on the wall right next to the entrance and for a few short seconds I was worried that someone stole the yard for Friday, then I realized that it was just a note about strawberries. I did however run straight up to my place and wrote the note to my neighbors apologizing for any disturbance on Friday so now they all know that the yard and BBQ are mine!! So another tick on the list, awesome!NoteNow, I finally got my coffee, and am enjoying it while writing this post. When done, I should go back to completing the rest of the items, easiest being the cleaning and job hunting since the driving lesson has a set time this afternoon.


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