Life In General

Second half of the day…

…contains no pictures, I did do good though. I applied for one job and found like eight more that I will apply for, lets call it work in progress. I made it for my driving lesson and it went better than the last time, since all that time driving back in good old New Zealand was coming back to me. After the driving, that went well, with such an amazing weather, I wanted to have a glass of wine in the sun, by the water – and  guess what! I got to do that!

I totally forgot to take pictures of it! So you don’t get to see it.

Looking back on my goals of the day, I did fairly good!

  1. Wake up when the alarm goes of – overslept, but hey, see point seven!
  2. Go for a swim –  I did, after some additional biking
  3. Look for a couple of jobs to apply for – I looked, I found plenty and even applied for one of them
  4. Write a note to the neighbors apologizing for the noise on Friday – so done!
  5. Make sure that I don’t miss my driving lesson (not until 16:45) –  was there right on time even though there was biking rush hour
  6. Do a little bit of cleaning so the place looks fairly decent on Friday – oops, totally forgot about this point, guessing it will be done on Friday morning or if I’m real good; on Thursday night!
  7. Don’t be angry at myself if I don’t manage all I want to do, anger doesn’t solve anything – totally not angry with myself today!

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