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Midsummer BBQ

Every year come rain or sunshine, the Swedes celebrate the light with loads of food, drinks and good company. For the third year in a row I hosted a BBQ.

The day didn’t start to well as guest after guest cancelled and I started to consider a cancellation. My lovely friend Almeria did come over early afternoon though and helped me with grocery shopping, a bit of cleaning and cheered me up with homemade chocolate cake. Unfortunately she couldn’t stay for long and I had a cranky afternoon looking at my prepared yard.


Two of my lovely girls did show up and they brought a good mood and fun with them. After a couple of drinks and a big question mark as to who should handle the grill, boys at a BBQ usually fight about the chore, we got the thing all fired up.


It was so easily done and made me wonder why boys have to be at least three, have long discussions and almost a whole bottle of that fluid stuff to get it lit. Miss Michella managed without issue and we got some yum food on the table.




It became a lovely evening and my carp mood totally disappeared thanks to these girls.


Am in serious doubt of a fourth one next year though.

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