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I ate the frog! (aka day 8 of 30)

After yet another sleepless night (getting a bit dull by now) I turned of all alarms this morning and when I finally could be bothered opening my eyes I jumped straight on to the self-pity train. Silly in one way, I mostly did it because I get angry with myself for sleeping in, by the end of the day it doesn’t matter that much if I sleep late, does it?Tweet

I did drag myself out of bed and quickly decided that no one get’s any happier from self-pity so I made myself a cup of coffee turned on the radio and went after that frog (for you that don’t know what I mean with the frog thing, you can see an explanation here, but basically it’s about doing the thing you don’t want to do to make the rest of your day easier), and for me that is the dishes. I don’t know where the aversion for dishes come from, I just hate doing them. This morning, I just went for it!DishesAnd it does help a little bit, I feel good about myself for doing them, and I get some movement into my body (technically I’m supposed to use the morning yoga for that) and it looks nice as well. Just as I finished them, mother dearest called as she had seen my earlier update. It is nice to talk to a person every now and then and after analyzing the mood for a bit, I started up the computer. The goal with this was to find even more jobs to apply for. Don’t you think that the PC is having a crap day as well? It kept freezing on me, and five re-starts and 30 minutes later it’s up and running, seriously!

I used the time well though as I spent it folding clothes between re-starting, logging on, trying to open chrome, re-starting, logging on…well you get it. I also found this right inside my door;Fav magMy absolutely favorite magazine arrived today, so I know someone  that will sit down with a cup of tea and just enjoy it sometime later! The mood went up a bit then, and finally the computer started to be nice to me, and you start feeling like nothing could go wrong. In between browsing for work I managed to update the blog with all the posts that haven’t been written over the weekend, as the same time as cooking brunch for my self.LunchI had to eat something proper to make sure that I was fully focused for my 3pm driving class, or so I thought. Because after managing to get myself in to a better mood, and feeling like I was on top of things, I jumped on the bike and headed to my driving school, only to be back home twenty minutes later – I had noted down the wrong time in my calendar and my driving school had updated the wrong phone number to me, so they couldn’t reach me.Biking I Biking IIOh well, at least I got out and about for a bit! Well back home, I sat down opened my calendar to make sure that I have the right time noted down for the next classes. The frustration though, it’s not like I have that much to keep track of, how hard can it be?

So now I’m back in front of the PC, browsing for jobs, procrastinating a little bit with doing this update instead. I sent of one application this far, at the revenue office, hey they didn’t ask for a university degree so I might stand a chance – except for the over qualified part.

Some of the other jobs I went ahead and applied for;

  • Business Controller for an international company (degree required)
  • Project manager/analyst (focus on experience, should be a good one for me, fingers crossed)
  • Administrator (my money is on too over qualified)
  • Salary consultants (guessing not enough experience of salaries, a recruitment company though, they might like my CV)
  • Local Office Support Manager (sounds like fun…)
  • CEO assistant (hmm, could be cool)
  • Business Controller for another international company (Degree required)
  • Controller for a Danish company (no degree requirement specified only work experience)
  • Business Finance Partner at an international company (Degree required)

Then I gave up for the day, because after applying for all those jobs I ran into yet another company that need you to enter all your information, job experience, data skills etc, one by one as well as uploading your CV. It just takes so long so you kind of just get frustrated!

When giving up on the job hunt for the day I realized that if was almost dinner time, and also that some re-stocking in the fridge was required so off to the grocery store I went.Shopping

Just to come home and make myself a left-over dinner; butter fried salmon with fresh potatoes and a cold creme fraiche sauce, yum.Dinner

In the end, it turned out to be an ok day when we talk about productiveness, the mood is still crap and I have decided that I have deserved a quiet night on the couch watching telly and maybe making another attempt on knitting that hat.

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Then life got a tad bit better (aka day 7 of 30)

This day I still had problems getting out of bed, I did have something to look forward to though; a date with my childhood neighbour and her family. During my sad Monday I was looking into some detox articles, thinking that it would be something that might be good for me. One thing that many of them recommended was starting the day with a cup of hot water with lemon, apparently it should be real good for you, so I tried it. Can’t say it’s anything for me, and don’t really see what good it does!Lemon waterI think I will try to find some other detox articles that might give me better ideas! Do you have any tips? Did you try one that worked?

Anyhow, then I got on my bike to meet my friend and finally I got to use my new raincoat, as the sky pretty much opened up when it was time to head out. Since they are not that familiar to Malmö, I picked a place that’s easy for them to find, trust me there are much better places for a coffee than Espresso House.BrekkieAfter a lovely start to the day with them (despite three children, seriously what kind of friends do I have?) I headed back home and got in the cleaning kind of mood, and that my friends does not happen often. Of course the rain stopped and the sun came back in full force making it real hot and sticky, not the best weather for cleaning. Wanting to stick with it, I made my very own ice tea (for the first time) using a red tea and some lime, oh my god how good wasn’t that, seriously addicitve! And decaf!Ice teaThe heat doesn’t encourage your appetite though, even if one could think that all the cleaning would, so (late) lunch this wonderful day was hard bread with liver pate.LunchMight not look like much, I had four of them though!

I slowed down the pace in the afternoon, and starting to make some attempts on knitting a hat, rather than all the scarfs that I’m making, after the fifth false start I gave up. Might attempt it again tonight, now I know what I shouldn’t be doing. So instead I went treasure hunting in my cupboards and managed myself a mighty nice dinner partaken infront of the TV. Dinner

Who knows, tomorrow might be an awesome day!

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The day I think I gave up (aka day 6 of 30)

Do not ask me what happened to this Monday, because I don’t really know! Nothing would be my guess. The day started in the worst possible way with yet another “Thank you for your application, we have moved on with another applicant mail”, and after that I was not in the mood for anything. This unemployment is really getting to me, and a day like this is when I really should be sticking to my 7 things for 30 days mission, it’s also days like this that is the worst.

Thus, nothing got done, except for a small excursion in the evening meeting up with a friend, totally blowing my budget on a running sushi session.

Oh well! Life goes on!

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The eating continues, nothing else though (aka day 5 of 30)

It is a bit strange how eating loads the night before makes you wake up hungrier than usual (or is that just me?). Sunday morning saw me craving even more food and again I missed out on the morning yoga (bad on me, don’t ask me why I do like it) and going straight for breakfast!BrekkieDuring the day I didn’t do much, checking out some more Blue Bloods, doing a little bit of household stuff in between episodes, feeling super lazy. Good thing then that there are leftovers in the fridge, more steamed fish for lunch;LunchThen more of doing nothing really, well Sunday is the day of rest and I find that respecting that is a good thing! Then came the highlight of the day, dinner! And again, I did not have to lift a finger! Friends that invite themselves over for a weekend and bring food aint that bad always!Dinner (2) DinnerGoing to bed this Sunday night, I do think that tomorrow is Monday and Mondays are good for fresh starts! I will go at my new habits again then!

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The Swedish Goddess Lovely Chicken and Noodle Stir-fry

Going treasure hunting in the cupboards can yield fantastic results sometimes, like this real good chicken and noodle stir-fry. Today I managed to find;

  • Fresh lime and lemon
  • Red and green bell pepper
  • Red onion
  • Noodles
  • Chicken breast

Cook the noodles according to the package, then chop up the chicken and fry it (I’m lucky enough to own a mini-wok that is perfect for one-person-dinners).ChickenChop up whatever vegetables you have, I like big chunks in my food;Veggies

Then add them to the chicken.

Veggies added (2)Today I seasoned with fish sauce, soy, fresh lime and lemon and some salt, for me that was enough.Lime and lemonWhen the chicken and the veggies are cooked to your satisfaction (I like crunchy veggies) add the noodles.Noodles addedAnd stir!StiredVoila, a quick and easy dinner that works out to about 10,65sek (€1,22 $1,62) per portion.

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The day it started going downhill (aka day 4 of 30)

Saturday morning I woke up late and absolutely starving (due to the lack of dinner the night before), and I went straight to the kitchen without passing the morning yoga. After a rummage around all the dinner food, I managed to find some bacon and eggs. Not the prettiest breakfast, but pretty good!BrekkieThen any plan I would have went out the window when I got a text from the bff, letting me know they are en route and wondering if we can meet up for a light lunch around one, and who am I to say no? The deal is that she will call me when they arrived at their hotel. A bit after one I get another text letting me know they are almost there as they accidentally stopped by an outlet on their way, cool, I just keep waiting!

Finally they arrive and I head to their hotel, to find out that an old classmate of mine is coming as well, they are about 3o minutes behind, and she had asked if we could wait until they arrive before heading out, no probs!

To the story I need to add that the bff have three children, the old classmate has two. So once they arrive I’m surrounded by little people, oh my! Then we are sitting at the bff’s hotel room, having a cold one, and they are discussing the rest of their vacation plans. I will leave it up to you guys to imagine the situation.

All I can say, is that it was four o’clock by the time we made it to the restaurant for lunch, and at this point I don’t really feel like eating since I want to leave room for the dinner that is waiting for me at home. I have a glass of wine, talk to my friends and try my best to not notice the chaos going on around me. Why people still ask me why I don’t want kids, I do not understand!

As you can see, there is not a single picture to describe the above situations, that’s how concentrated my brain was.

When “lunch” was completed I headed home to the peace and quiet and the two little families went on their merry way.

Then it was finally time for dinner, starting with a starter even, some real yum mousse one made of salmon and the other of tuna;StarterThis was followed by steamed fish accompanied by fresh potatoes and a cold sauce (unfortunately a real sad picture, but the day was taking its toll);DinnerBest part of all, I didn’t have to lift a finger, nothing beat dinner cooked for you!

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Day 3 of 30

I didn’t fall asleep until 4 am, so waking up this morning was a struggle, think it was around 9:30 before I made it out of that cosy bed, not even close to the 8am goal. It is my third day in a row with morning yoga, and I have to say it is a real nice way to start the day. I’m starting to get into the flow of the movements now as well so they are doing more and more good. This is a routine that I will make a real effort to stick with.

Today’s breakfast was a healthy serving of oat porridge with applemush and milk, and then I was ready to take on the day!
After a rather slow morning doing boring stuff like making sure there is enough money in my bank account to pay this months bills and the like, I actually got dressed and left the apartment for a forced shopping trip. You see, over the past few months I have managed to gain some weight, wich means that I now look like a normal person rather than a skinny bitch, this also mean that I have gained a bra size, which kind of sucks. I have moved into one of those sizes where they no longer make fun and cool bras so you pretty much have three colors to choose from, white, black and beige. It also mean that they don’t look that great, they are more practical than anything else. Either way, they had to be bought as my breasts fall out of the current ones I have, not to comfy.Shopping

Going out for a walk in the middle of the day might not have been the best idea as it’s gone from pouring rain yesterday to scorching sun today, either way, I got my daily “get out of the apartment” done.Walk

The one thing that is most important for me to stick with is the eating, when I’m not super happy I have a tendency to stop eating, and blessed with good metabolism as I am, the kilos fly away in a speed that most people would kill for. Now that I have managed to gain weight I will be damned if I lose it again, so no matter what, eating has to be done. Thus, lunch today is a sad so-called vegetable soup that I whipped together basis on what I could find in the cupboards at home. Not super exciting, but good enough!LunchWhile waiting for a friend of mine to arrive from far, far away Copenhagen, I took to the park with my book, blanket and coffee to just enjoy life a bit.
When my friend finally arrived (a little bit later than planned) my fridge filled in a way I don’t think it have been many times, I would say enough food for two people for a month rather than a weekend!The fridgeThe funny part is that we sat down with a glass of wine before starting with dinner, then we started talking, you know the way you do, and then all of a sudden it was bedtime and dinner totally forgotten! Oh dear!