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All the finger crossing in the world doesn’t equal a degree

So after waiting, hearing some rather positive feedback the news turned sour. Even though the people I was interviewing with asked for more tests and offered a second interview and changed the process from a time limited position to an actual recruitment, bad news were delivered earlier this week. Since I don’t have a degree they don’t think I can do a good enough job. What can I say other than that it’s their loss because I know that I would have done an excellent job.

I can sit around and wonder what they think that I’m lacking since I don’t have a ten-year old degree on my CV, or I can do something about it. So my plan now is to make an attempt at getting that degree. Step one was to apply for a full-time program in Finance and IT (so if you feel like crossing your fingers, then to that for me being accepted), step two will have to be to find a part-time job that I can combine with studying since I still will have bills to pay. If you have any ideas as to what this could be, or if you happen to live in Malmö and know someone who need part-time flexible staff, let me know.

I was a bit disappointed and frustrated when the call came, however I fixed my mood with this;

RaincoatA super comfy jacket that is wind and water proof, something every girl needs when living in Malmö! Did wonders for my mood, I can tell you.

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