Roadtrippin, again!

Since Sunday turned out to be such an amazing day, we decided to make a second go at it on Monday, this time we went north from Malmö having Helsingborg as our goal. It’s a bit harder to find the scenic route in that direction, however we managed it, and started the day with stumbling over an amazing spice shope (and yes, I now have an interesting collection of teas and spices at home).1 Spice shop 1 Spice shop (2)The place is called Borgeby Kryddgård and they also take part of local markets, if in Sweden and want to check out what they can offer  you can follow them on Facebook. Keep driving north, or maybe more like north-west, we ended up in Barsebäck, which is mostly known for their Nuclear plant. However, they do have a really nice little harbor restaurant (like probably every place on the cost has) that served excellent pancakes with a lovely view.2 Morning Coffee 2 Morning coffee view

After touring the country side for a bit, going down mother dearest memory lane, or next big stop was the metropolitan Landskrona, where the first thing that caught our eye was a real beautiful church called Sofia Albertina. For some reason I didn’t manage to get a picture from the outside, I did get a few from the inside.3 church (3) 3 church (4) 3 church (6) 3 church 3 church (2)The last picture contains a quote from the bible, and even if I’m not a believer I can appreciate the message.

You who are young, be happy while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.

Ecclesiastes 11:9

Landskrona also contain old memories from when this part of Sweden belonged to Denmark, and it was interesting how clearly you could see the resemblance to Kastellet, found in Copenhagen. The only thing that disappointed me a bit is how boring it was. It didn’t look like it was well taken care of and I probably would have opened a cafe in the courtyard and maybe and another little nice shop or two, that’s just me though.5 Landskrona (3) 5 Landskrona (7) 5 LandskronaLeaving Landskrona keep driving north, trying to hit as many scenic routes as possible. When we entered Helsingborg we drove past a sad little shop that had a Taco sign in the window. Kind of expecting a Taco Bell like place, it turned out I was totally wrong. It was an old Burger King restaurant re-made into a pizza place with a Nacho dish on the menu, thus the taco sign. However, I have now eaten at the first drive-through pizza place in Sweden (at least that’s what they said).4 Lunch 4 lunch (2)Fun as it was, we didn’t stay there for coffee instead we made our way to the more central parts of Helsingborg and did some more window shopping, well I might have bought a carpet that’s a different story though. Still dying for after lunch coffee we walked into pretty much the first cafe we saw. And seriously, I have never seen anything like it! The cakes and cookies were from a different world.6 Afternoon coffee (5) 6 Afternoon coffee (7) 6 Afternoon coffee 6 Afternoon coffee (2) 6 Afternoon coffee (3) 6 Afternoon coffee (4)The place is called Ebbas Fik and is most definitely worth a visit, just make sure you don’t eat 24 hours before sitting down. Me and mother dearest shared that cookie and we still didn’t manage to eat it all.

Another awesome day was coming to an end, and we jumped on the high-way to get home in a faster phase. Who could have guesses that Sweden had so many random cute little places to go to.

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