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Da book club

I have given up on creating my own book club and instead I went searching on the big wide web for one, and I found it. Their next meet-up was tonight and lucky me I had already read the book which was Paradisoffer by Kristina Ohlsson. Not that long ago I read the book that came after this one in the series, so I was able to recommend them all to keep reading.

We met at a restaurant that is called Mosaik, and I forgot to take a picture from the outside so here is the one they have on their homepage.

It’s a tapas place that mix small dishes from all over the world. I chose to eat a real yum salmon with avocado and apple salad together with a bruschetta and some garlic shrimps, and man it was good. If I could I would go here and eat all the time.Bruschetta Salmon ShrimpsAnd I promise that we spent the whole dinner talking about the book, or other books, really! I promise! They were fun girls, it can be a bit hard to join a group of people who have known each other for a while, there was no such problem here. Might also have a bit to do with my tendency to just babble away about anything and everything.

After dinner, some of the girls were heading for some live music and I figured why the heck not, they were nice and the evening young, and it’s not like I have to get up early tomorrow (kind of, more about that some other time). The band that was playing was a part of the Malmö summer scene, where everything is free of charge, program can be found here. They are called New Tide Qrquesta and they are good at playing their instruments, that no one can deny, however the music was more of the kind that you want in the background while eating dinner, not on a stage on a cold Malmö evening. I know what to look for when it’s time to go to sleep.

And yes, I did my best to keep warm;The band Beer

All in all, I had an awesome evening and am looking forward to more nights out with da book club 🙂

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