Quality of Life

Oh what a day!

This morning a I got on my bike with a coffee in one hand while feeling a bit groggy due to the lack of sleep from last night, my destination was one of the fun and amazing playgrounds in Malmö. Yes, I had a very good reason to go there, and that was to meet my sister with family. We spent quite some time at the playground, me drinking coffee, watching the girls have an absolute blast and chat away with my sister. It’s a pretty cool playground, I just don’t want to take pictures of it when there’s a whole bunch of kids around so I might have to go back some other day.

When the grown-ups were getting bored and the kids hungry, we moved on to a lovely little sushi place with the name of Hai, that I wrote about a loooong time ago (find the post here). The quality of their fish was awesome, and if it wouldn’t have been for the dry rice today it would have been the perfect sushi.1 Sushi 1 LunchFun fact, the word hai sounds like the word haj, wich means shark in swedish, thus the little shark fin in their logo.

For dessert we then walked down to a place called the ice cream factory, and I’m sure you guessed it, we had ice cream 🙂 I went for a mango sorbet that was super yum.2 DessertWhen I mentioned that I was jealous that both my nieces and the brother-in-law got blue spoons with theirs, and blue happened to be my favourite color, my adorable oldest niece offered to switch her blue for my white one. Is that the best niece ever, or what?2 New spoonWhen lunch was over and done with, the family went back to the playground for a bit while I biked back home, after so much quality time with children I needed a bit of a breather. It was a short one though as they came by with the car to pick me up not long after. They had shopping plans, and I figured I might as well tag along. I mean, I do spend plenty enough time complaining about my lack of social life during the days, so now when I had the chance I just had to take it.

Shopping was done quickly and neither them or me had anything planned, so my brother-in-law (too long to write so lets just call him brother P from now on) called one of his friends and asked if they wanted a visit, and they did! So he turned the car towards a place called Höör, in my mind a little dump in the middle of nowhere. This friend also had a child, which meant that three small children was running around like little maniacs while we grown-ups(?) was trying to drink our coffee and talk, it went oki some of the time, I guess.

At this point, I was mighty tired by all the energy that the children contained, I do not know where they get it all from, still I invited the little family over for an impromptu BBQ at my place. I’m glad that I did because grill master brother P managed to serve us some awesome food.4.3 Dinner 4.2 Dinner 4.1 Dinner 3 The grill master 4 AwesomeHe refused to keep his hands away from the grill long enough for me to take a nice picture of it though, I might or might not forgive him for that.

After a busy day like that, I don’t feel bad at all about lying in my bed just chillin with the PC. Tomorrow we hope that I certain recruiter get back to me on my future prospects on the job I interviewed for on Monday. I feel the need to be able to plan my near future.

Have a lovely evening all!

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