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To the summer-house

After another job I didn’t get I decided to jump on the train and join mother dearest at the summer-house, but not until I spent the night at a bar together with my sister, her hubby and their friends. I have to admit that getting out of bed this morning was though, and I ended up having only one hour to get ready before getting on the train, it was though but I made it! I didn’t have time for brekkie or even coffee before leaving so my first goal was the restaurant on board, one yummy brunch;BrunchIt also includes one of the last free train coffee’s in a long time, not fun at all because that coffee is not really worth paying money for. I spent the whole trip in the quiet compartment, and in the spirit of quietness I spent my time with a book rather than my phone or computer, I just wish it was a better book! I will get through it though since it’s for the GP Book club.

Once I made it to the summer-house, I was allowed another cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun before I was given these;GlovesThere was work to be done! So I changed my flip-flops to my super sexy rain boots, and got sawing away (girls and their toys, right?);Sexy boots Saw SceneryLast year we cut down a whole bunch of big birches, and we are still working on making the large bits into smaller bits so they can go together with all the other small bits that we use for the fireplace when it gets a bit colder. Today it was 27 degrees and no need for them at all!Chopped woodSince I was still suffering a bit from last night, and suffering a little bit from the heat, I quickly volunteered when it was time for dinner, so tonight I have been the BBQ master.Beautiful grilling The BBQIt’s not really hard work in such a beautiful setting at all! However, while the pork chops were grilling away, I prepared a salad and brought out my leftover potatoes for another beautiful dinner. I ate so much that I can’t really understand how the potato chips that I’m chewing down now can find a place to hang-out.Salad to be The table The plateNow I’m just hanging on the couch watching the Swedish ladies whip Finland’s butt in the European Cup! Awesome ending to a real nice day!

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