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Sing-along in Gränna Harbour

Last night me and mother dearest made a small road-trip to Gränna, a little village on the shore of the lake Vättern, this because on Sundays during the summer they have sing-along down by the water. This Sunday Bonnie Tyler was supposed to join the performance, unfortunately she was ill and we had to settle for some more local artists;

Mikael Rikfors

Mikael Rickfors
Mike and the swamp indians

Mike and the swamp IndiansPartiet (2)

PartietThe former singer in the Boppers (2)The former singers in the Boppers

We were a bit early getting there so while waiting for the singing to start we ate a real nice ice-cream.Ice cream

It was fun, even though that the sing-along was only three songs, so it became a bit more like a concert rather than the audience getting to sit and sing. It’s real beautiful and it was easy for the eyes to wander from the stage to the view over the lake.ViewAnd on our way home the sun was setting, it’s not super easy to get pictures through the window of a moving car (even if my mother always drive slow and according to the speeding rules).The road home (2) The road homeWe also made a short stop on the way home as on our way there I saw a sign pointing towards The Church, rather than just a plain church as it usually is. So we needed to check it out, to see if it was anything special, and I have to say it was real beautiful.The churchMaybe next time we can go inside and have a look as well.

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