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An afternoon with a good friend

It’s nice when friends are available on short notice, like when one sends a text on the Monday to see if they are free on the Tuesday, even when you know that they are quite busy with three children (and all that comes with that), a house and a husband. We met up at one today, two of the children in tow, and sat down for a beautiful lunch.PalaceThe name of the restaurant is Palace, and is found in the mid smack center of Gotham City. During the summer they have a summer lunch special, at a price that normal people can afford, and today that special was cod with potatoes, a yum sauce and green stuff. And as usual with fancy places, even the bread looks cool;

The bread

My plateAfter an hour or so of checking out stores and talking about everything between heaven and earth, we managed to stop for an ice-cream making the two little people that we had in tow, very happy. And since I’m of the “we-have-to-take-pictures-of-anything-we-eat” generation, here is yet another ice-cream picture.Ice creamQuality time with good friends rock!


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