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Sandmannen – Kepler

After struggling through last weeks pick from the GP book-club, this weeks pick was a breeze and I managed to finish it in a day. It was a page turner almost impossible to put down!

The title translates to The Sandman, and apparently, behind the name Kepler, is a couple that are writing together (this is the kind of information that I learn from the other people in the GP book-club) and they have written a few books before this one. Since I haven’t really been reading books in Swedish over the past few years, I feel totally out of the loop so these Swedish book clubs are good help in getting back into the loop. It appears that the first book by Kepler was very hyped when it came out a few years back, so I will go back and read that one as well as the other ones. Will get back to you on those.

This one, starts out with the return of a missing person, a person that has been missing for 13 years. As the story moves forward you get the past, you find out how the person went missing, who did it and what happened to the people who was involved in the case back then. The way that the story is told makes you constantly want to know more, and you are compelled to turn the page again and again until finally the book ends, with just as big of a question mark as when it started. However you are still satisfied, you find out all that you need to find out.

I was lucky enough to find one more Kepler book in my mothers bookshelf, and once I finished the current book I will get into that one. I just have to remember to squeeze some job applications in between all the books. And for all you english speaking people, you are in luck, the previous books have been translated into english so I say go for it!

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