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Oh dear!

Oh dear! I’m in the summerhouse, its scorching hot outside and all I want to do is hide away inside with my computer and my favorite blogs. Universe is saying something different though and since yesterday morning (today is Sunday) both mine and my mother’s internet is down and most of the time I have “emergency calls only” displayed on my phone. I admit that I’m suffering, not only am I writing this in a word document, I also feel totally cut off from the world.

My morning usually start with a quick check on Facebook (especially when they report earthquakes in New Zealand, then I want to see that all my kiwi friends have updated that they are ok) to see what’s going on. Then I move on to my feedly to read the latest blog updates and if there is time I go online and read some news papers. Once all that is done I feel up-to-date and ready to move on with the world.

I also have a few ideas that I want to share on the blog, something that is impossible when there is no internet connection at all. My solution at the moment, since I had this enormous urge of writing, is to create the posts in Word and once the internet start working or I’m returning to civilization, whatever comes first) I will post them.

I have decided to return to civilization no later than Tuesday, that’s when I take my last allergy pill and going home to re-stock is a valid reason. After more than a week here, with a short stop in civilization to celebrate a birthday, I’m getting homesick. It’s a nice feeling to have after feeling stuck within the four walls of home, to actually long to go back there, with a plan!

For now I just have to get by, maybe read another book, or just brave the sun and sweat like a pig in the wild outdoors.

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