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7 things for 30 days

Spending time in the summerhouse does give you time to think even if it’s not so much sitting in a chair with a good book as it is moving the lawn, sawing big chunks of wood into smaller bits, preparing the fence for a new layer of paint and then paint it (whenever I fall into my romanticized idea of having my own little house, all I have to do is think about the time at the summer house, and then I can be happy in my apartment).

Since I now haven’t been working for over six months I can feel that I have lost much of my energy and it doesn’t take long at all before I get bored and just go do something else, not that long ago I was capable of sticking with it for longer. I never feel real rested, even if I get my eight hours of sleep, because my sleep is too restless, mostly because there is always so much on my mind. I dream about working, about knowing when the next bout of money enters my bank account, I dream about having something to do during the days other than cleaning my apartment, reading, watching TV, applying for jobs, waiting for someone to finish their day at work so that I can get some company, because being by myself all the time is getting boring.

I can’t do that much about the work situation other than keep applying, I can’t do anything about the possibility of studying other than wait for the notification as to whether or not I’m accepted. I can do something about my days though, and how I fill them, get some routine in so that the hours pass quicker and maybe give me a healthier lifestyle.

I read somewhere that it takes 30 days to create a new habit, so starting today I will work on my new habit(s), for 30 days I will stick to my new schedule and hopefully that will make me feel better, rested and satisfied with the situation.

  1. Get up when the alarm goes off in the morning (aiming for 8am) and do about 10-15 minutes of morning yoga.
  2. Sit down and eat a healthy breakfast every morning, no coffee and a smoke but actual food.
  3. Spend at least two hours of household work every day, not only cleaning, but stuff like organizing my books, cleaning out clothes that I don’t use, organizing cupboards, putting stuff up on the walls, plan future renovations (for the day I get rich and can afford them).
  4. Make sure that I eat a proper lunch and dinner every day, it doesn’t have to be fancy food and I’m totally allowed to eat straight out of the pot!
  5. Go for a run, a swim, a bike ride or some rollerblading, every day. Doesn’t have to have to be hardcore exercise at all, just ensure that I get out and about for a while every day.
  6. Spend at least one hour on applying for jobs and searching out other ways of making money.
  7. Try and take some time everyday with a good book, my knitting, cross-stitching or a magazine, preferably in the park (if the weather allows) or at a café and just enjoy life and the time off. It’s not always in life that you have the luxury of so much spare time where you can just be.

It might sound simple, the lack of a job does make it hard though as you become lethargic and lose focus, you start questioning the meaning of everything, you stop seeing the point of doing anything really, and that’s not me, so something needs to be done. Hopefully, this will be my next 30 days!

10 thoughts on “7 things for 30 days

  1. I’m writing my bachelor’s thesis a home at the moment (or rather less right now unfortunately) but that’s a good time to get yourself healthy and fit, even with not much money (my summer job is my thesis so I’m on a budget too). I started running (slowly the walking is decreasing – yay), go inline skating almost every day (thank god it’s a good summer with only very little rain) and do some exercises at home (YouTube,, etc. are my new friends, oh and my 0.5l bottles filled with sand too).
    Eating proper food makes me feel much better, I kinda got more energy, and somehow it’s better for the wallet too. Frozen pizza, crisps, etc. aren’t that cheap after all… Well, what I wanted to say: Keep going! You’ll enjoy it. =) I do it at least…


    1. Thanks for the boosting 🙂

      Being on a budget most definitely helps you eat better, at least when you live in a country where the healthy food is cheaper than the junk food. I have noticed over the years that in some countries soda and crisps are cheaper than milk and bread.

      Right now I’m trying to work myself up to putting the running shoes on and head over to the park, it’s so nice to just sit and chill though 😦


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