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The Swedish Goddess yum, yum Pasta Salad

In an amazing twist, summer made it to Sweden this year, and when it’s too hot to think the best food ever (except for ice-cream) is pasta salad. It’s easy to make as well as easy to eat, and extremely flexible.

Today my salad contained;

  • Pasta
  • Bacon
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Mozzarella

Start with boiling the pasta and frying the bacon, so they have time to cool down before mixing it with the veggies.Bacon Pasta

My grocery store sell lettuce by the kilo, so you can mix and match as you wish, not sure what all the kinds I put together was, I know for sure that there are some arugula and spinach in there. I just tear it into smaller pieces to make it easier to eat (don’t like using a knife).Lettuce

I don’t have a set way to cut my veggies, it depends on the mood of the day, today everything got cut into chunks.Veggies

Then just mix everything together in a bowl and top it of with a dressing or spices, I like plain salt and pepper with a splash of olive oil.Topping

The cost per portion added up to 10,35sek (€1,25 $1,61), not too bad but not the cheapest.

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