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Day 1 of 30

I came home a bit late last night and due to a little bit of a train delay (I’m not surprised at all anymore) the grocery store managed to close before I got there, so I was in doubt of what there was for breakfast this morning. I also forgot that I had pulled the cord out on my alarm before I left so the alarm clock wasn’t set either. I didn’t set myself up well for my new lifestyle, did I?

Amazingly enough I woke up at 7:30, despite troubles falling asleep; the first thing I did was google morning yoga, and found a 13 minute long session to kick of my day.YogaI also managed to dig out some old muesli that I chewed down together with some blueberry yoghurt (that expired a few days ago, still tasted alright though), and then I was set to kick of my day.BrekkieOne of the things that I’ve learnt about myself is that if I make a whole pot of coffee, I will drink the whole pot of coffee, so today I played with the latest gift my grandmother gave me, filter coffee straight in the mug.Coffee (3) CoffeeWhile drinking the coffee I managed to do the dishes, start some laundry, make sure that my bills are paid on time this month as well and a little bit of cleaning up. What I don’t get is how all that managed to take the two hours that I set aside for doing household stuff, the respect that I have for my cleaning ladies that managed to clean the whole place in two hours, is tremendous.

Since I haven’t been home for a while, the fridge needed to be re-stocked before lunch, and I wasn’t the only one that needed food, so did August. Finding crickets in Malmö turned out to not be the easiest thing, something about eggs not hatching as they should.

After the first attempt I went home to drop of the food (frozen chicken and 27 degrees, not a great combo) and eat some lunch before continuing the cricket hunt;LunchOnce eaten, I headed out to the next pet store, no crickets, at this point I was getting a tad bit frustrated, it’s not like the pet stores in Malmö are sitting right next to each other, and it’s not like I find my way around that well. However, with a super hungry August waiting for me at home, I pulled out my phone, googled the route for my next location and whoop, whoop, they had a couple.

And as it turned out, this pet store wasn’t that far away from the workplace of one of my fellow bookclubber. She answered a general call I made the other day for another one of the Kepler books (as I want to read all of them but need to think about the budget, books are not cheap) and told me she would bring it to work so I could just come pick it up, awesome.

So after biking, biking and again biking, I got to sit down in the sun with a nice cup of coffee and a lovely little chat, vacation times so she had time, about everything and nothing.Bike ride II Bike ride IAll in all I managed to bike almost 14k this day, not that bad, and I came home with both book and crickets;Book and cricketsAfter that the day pretty much went down-hill as I mostly just chilled out with a Blue Bloods Marathon eating left-over pasta salad for dinner and trying to go to sleep in a sensible time (didn’t work).

I feel pretty good with my Day 1 though, managed the most important things and I’m sure that Day 2 will be even better.

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