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Jag lever, Pappa – Erik H. Sønstelie, Siri Marie Seim Sønstelie

The title of this book plainly says; I’m alive dad. It is written by a daughter and her father, the daughter was on Utoya the 22 of July 2011 when a nasty man, after setting of a bomb in central Oslo, walks around and shoot young kids to death. The father is a reporter that are dealing with being a reporter and a dad at the same time, while trying to find out if his daughter will return from the island.

It’s a very well written book, that started out strangely with the recognition factor of a name that is mentioned quite early in the book, always strange when an acquaintance from you Facebook feed show up in a book, and in a way mentioned there to show the seriousness of the situation.Jag lever, pappa

It’s hard for anyone to realize how it felt being on that island that day, we will (thankfully) never know how it feels to have to run for your life, to try and find somewhere to hide on a limited island, while someone is walking around shooting at anyone that comes in his way. We will never feel the fear for police officers after that same man was walking around in a uniform while walking around shooting kids.

We will also never know how it feels to be the parents, sitting on the other side of the water, not being able to do anything but wait, not knowing if our child is dead or alive.

I think that Erik and Siri do an excellent job at telling us their story, you can feel the fear, the worry and then the relief when they reunite. Do we really need to know? I’m not sure! The world is full of horrible stories, people die everyday, some of old age, some from sickness, some from starvation, some from war. Do we need to know the pain of all those deaths?

The strongest moment in this book is from the afterwards. There are police officers at the island, guarding the bodies of those who fell, dusk falls and the night has arrived, and the island is lighting up from the cell-phone displays. The families of those children kept calling the phones until they ran out of battery.

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