Paganinikontraktet – Kepler

Another book finished in vacation speed, this time the Paganinicontract by Kepler, I was lucky enough that my mother had this at home so the moment I finished the Sandman by the same author I could move on to the next (or previous) one.Paganinikontraktet

It’s another well written book, a proper nail biter where you just want to keep turning those pages, just like the Sandman. For someone who read a lot, it’s refreshing with story lines that aren’t that predictable other than the classic parts that are required;

  • someone dies, sometimes more than one
  • there are police officers
  • everyone is a bit strange and weird
  • everyone is hiding something

If you want an in dept analysis of the book, then google it and see what you can find 😉 I read it, it was good, I recommend it, and I have gotten my hands on the first book that got published. And if you want to read something that doesn’t require too much brain, this is the right place to go.

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