7 things for 30 days

I ate the frog! (aka day 8 of 30)

After yet another sleepless night (getting a bit dull by now) I turned of all alarms this morning and when I finally could be bothered opening my eyes I jumped straight on to the self-pity train. Silly in one way, I mostly did it because I get angry with myself for sleeping in, by the end of the day it doesn’t matter that much if I sleep late, does it?Tweet

I did drag myself out of bed and quickly decided that no one get’s any happier from self-pity so I made myself a cup of coffee turned on the radio and went after that frog (for you that don’t know what I mean with the frog thing, you can see an explanation here, but basically it’s about doing the thing you don’t want to do to make the rest of your day easier), and for me that is the dishes. I don’t know where the aversion for dishes come from, I just hate doing them. This morning, I just went for it!DishesAnd it does help a little bit, I feel good about myself for doing them, and I get some movement into my body (technically I’m supposed to use the morning yoga for that) and it looks nice as well. Just as I finished them, mother dearest called as she had seen my earlier update. It is nice to talk to a person every now and then and after analyzing the mood for a bit, I started up the computer. The goal with this was to find even more jobs to apply for. Don’t you think that the PC is having a crap day as well? It kept freezing on me, and five re-starts and 30 minutes later it’s up and running, seriously!

I used the time well though as I spent it folding clothes between re-starting, logging on, trying to open chrome, re-starting, logging on…well you get it. I also found this right inside my door;Fav magMy absolutely favorite magazine arrived today, so I know someone  that will sit down with a cup of tea and just enjoy it sometime later! The mood went up a bit then, and finally the computer started to be nice to me, and you start feeling like nothing could go wrong. In between browsing for work I managed to update the blog with all the posts that haven’t been written over the weekend, as the same time as cooking brunch for my self.LunchI had to eat something proper to make sure that I was fully focused for my 3pm driving class, or so I thought. Because after managing to get myself in to a better mood, and feeling like I was on top of things, I jumped on the bike and headed to my driving school, only to be back home twenty minutes later – I had noted down the wrong time in my calendar and my driving school had updated the wrong phone number to me, so they couldn’t reach me.Biking I Biking IIOh well, at least I got out and about for a bit! Well back home, I sat down opened my calendar to make sure that I have the right time noted down for the next classes. The frustration though, it’s not like I have that much to keep track of, how hard can it be?

So now I’m back in front of the PC, browsing for jobs, procrastinating a little bit with doing this update instead. I sent of one application this far, at the revenue office, hey they didn’t ask for a university degree so I might stand a chance – except for the over qualified part.

Some of the other jobs I went ahead and applied for;

  • Business Controller for an international company (degree required)
  • Project manager/analyst (focus on experience, should be a good one for me, fingers crossed)
  • Administrator (my money is on too over qualified)
  • Salary consultants (guessing not enough experience of salaries, a recruitment company though, they might like my CV)
  • Local Office Support Manager (sounds like fun…)
  • CEO assistant (hmm, could be cool)
  • Business Controller for another international company (Degree required)
  • Controller for a Danish company (no degree requirement specified only work experience)
  • Business Finance Partner at an international company (Degree required)

Then I gave up for the day, because after applying for all those jobs I ran into yet another company that need you to enter all your information, job experience, data skills etc, one by one as well as uploading your CV. It just takes so long so you kind of just get frustrated!

When giving up on the job hunt for the day I realized that if was almost dinner time, and also that some re-stocking in the fridge was required so off to the grocery store I went.Shopping

Just to come home and make myself a left-over dinner; butter fried salmon with fresh potatoes and a cold creme fraiche sauce, yum.Dinner

In the end, it turned out to be an ok day when we talk about productiveness, the mood is still crap and I have decided that I have deserved a quiet night on the couch watching telly and maybe making another attempt on knitting that hat.

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