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The day it started going downhill (aka day 4 of 30)

Saturday morning I woke up late and absolutely starving (due to the lack of dinner the night before), and I went straight to the kitchen without passing the morning yoga. After a rummage around all the dinner food, I managed to find some bacon and eggs. Not the prettiest breakfast, but pretty good!BrekkieThen any plan I would have went out the window when I got a text from the bff, letting me know they are en route and wondering if we can meet up for a light lunch around one, and who am I to say no? The deal is that she will call me when they arrived at their hotel. A bit after one I get another text letting me know they are almost there as they accidentally stopped by an outlet on their way, cool, I just keep waiting!

Finally they arrive and I head to their hotel, to find out that an old classmate of mine is coming as well, they are about 3o minutes behind, and she had asked if we could wait until they arrive before heading out, no probs!

To the story I need to add that the bff have three children, the old classmate has two. So once they arrive I’m surrounded by little people, oh my! Then we are sitting at the bff’s hotel room, having a cold one, and they are discussing the rest of their vacation plans. I will leave it up to you guys to imagine the situation.

All I can say, is that it was four o’clock by the time we made it to the restaurant for lunch, and at this point I don’t really feel like eating since I want to leave room for the dinner that is waiting for me at home. I have a glass of wine, talk to my friends and try my best to not notice the chaos going on around me. Why people still ask me why I don’t want kids, I do not understand!

As you can see, there is not a single picture to describe the above situations, that’s how concentrated my brain was.

When “lunch” was completed I headed home to the peace and quiet and the two little families went on their merry way.

Then it was finally time for dinner, starting with a starter even, some real yum mousse one made of salmon and the other of tuna;StarterThis was followed by steamed fish accompanied by fresh potatoes and a cold sauce (unfortunately a real sad picture, but the day was taking its toll);DinnerBest part of all, I didn’t have to lift a finger, nothing beat dinner cooked for you!

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