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The eating continues, nothing else though (aka day 5 of 30)

It is a bit strange how eating loads the night before makes you wake up hungrier than usual (or is that just me?). Sunday morning saw me craving even more food and again I missed out on the morning yoga (bad on me, don’t ask me why I do like it) and going straight for breakfast!BrekkieDuring the day I didn’t do much, checking out some more Blue Bloods, doing a little bit of household stuff in between episodes, feeling super lazy. Good thing then that there are leftovers in the fridge, more steamed fish for lunch;LunchThen more of doing nothing really, well Sunday is the day of rest and I find that respecting that is a good thing! Then came the highlight of the day, dinner! And again, I did not have to lift a finger! Friends that invite themselves over for a weekend and bring food aint that bad always!Dinner (2) DinnerGoing to bed this Sunday night, I do think that tomorrow is Monday and Mondays are good for fresh starts! I will go at my new habits again then!

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