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Then life got a tad bit better (aka day 7 of 30)

This day I still had problems getting out of bed, I did have something to look forward to though; a date with my childhood neighbour and her family. During my sad Monday I was looking into some detox articles, thinking that it would be something that might be good for me. One thing that many of them recommended was starting the day with a cup of hot water with lemon, apparently it should be real good for you, so I tried it. Can’t say it’s anything for me, and don’t really see what good it does!Lemon waterI think I will try to find some other detox articles that might give me better ideas! Do you have any tips? Did you try one that worked?

Anyhow, then I got on my bike to meet my friend and finally I got to use my new raincoat, as the sky pretty much opened up when it was time to head out. Since they are not that familiar to Malmö, I picked a place that’s easy for them to find, trust me there are much better places for a coffee than Espresso House.BrekkieAfter a lovely start to the day with them (despite three children, seriously what kind of friends do I have?) I headed back home and got in the cleaning kind of mood, and that my friends does not happen often. Of course the rain stopped and the sun came back in full force making it real hot and sticky, not the best weather for cleaning. Wanting to stick with it, I made my very own ice tea (for the first time) using a red tea and some lime, oh my god how good wasn’t that, seriously addicitve! And decaf!Ice teaThe heat doesn’t encourage your appetite though, even if one could think that all the cleaning would, so (late) lunch this wonderful day was hard bread with liver pate.LunchMight not look like much, I had four of them though!

I slowed down the pace in the afternoon, and starting to make some attempts on knitting a hat, rather than all the scarfs that I’m making, after the fifth false start I gave up. Might attempt it again tonight, now I know what I shouldn’t be doing. So instead I went treasure hunting in my cupboards and managed myself a mighty nice dinner partaken infront of the TV. Dinner

Who knows, tomorrow might be an awesome day!

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