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A first visit to get to know eachother

As like anyone have managed to miss that I just attended a short summer school paper in study techniques, well if you did – I did, and I figured I was going to show what a mature student I am and actually use some of them. And as everything that happens in my life, you – my dear reader, will be given an insight in it, whether you want it or not.Comfy

The one that I had a look at today is related to how I’m supposed to work with the reading, as we all know there is plenty of reading something called books, required when you study, and according to my teacher this is one good way of approaching this dauntless task,

  1. Overview
  2. Planning your studies
  3. In depth overview
  4. Quick reading
  5. In depth reading
  6. Questions
  7. Repetition

So we’ll see about this!

Today, it was overview time and in my notes I wrote down that this was about becoming acquainted with the book, so that it doesn’t feel scary or overwhelming. Since purchasing these books are not in my budget at the moment (still waiting for those student loan people to get back to me) the library saved my day. The uni library here in Malmö did carry two of the three required books as reference books (that mean that no one can take them home), so I went to the library to start what hopefully will be a long and giving relationships with these books.

Because school is school obviously the seven steps above are split into smaller steps, and I learnt in class that we remember something better if we illustrate it (something about using both left and right part of the brain), thus I will illustrate the initial steps in creating a closer relationship with a book.

1. You read the back of the bookBack

2. You read the table of contentsContents3. You look at the introduction and/or preface

No picture available

4. Flick though the book and look at headers and pictures (none of these books had pictures, kind of sad)Text

Now you know the book! Apparentlety this should help you next time, when you actually pick up the book to read it. All in all, this took me half an hour for both books (good thing because I got to the library 30 minutes before it closed), did it do me good?

I don’t have the answer to that question, guess we will see as I move further into the dark forest of university studies.

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The Swedish Goddess doubtful lunch

I can be quite lazy when it comes to cooking sometimes and just want to make something quick and easy, and by the end of the day fish with mashed potatoes and veggies should be a very healthy serving of food – or maybe not. I don’t think this version is the best kind as it is processed fish in the form of Fish fingers with powder mash and a frozen mix of peas, corn and pepper. It is food though and it falls within the 10sek per meal budget.

It’s pretty easy, heat the pan and add a dollop of butter, add the fish fingers to fry. While doing this make the mash as per the instructions on the package and at the same time reheat the veggies (I usually pour them in a glass, add some water and nuke them in the microwave until hot).

The result can then look something like this;Food

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What a feeling

I had one thing that I just had to finish this weekend, which is why my apartment looks very tidy, I had to complete the exam paper that is due tomorrow. I wanted it finished tonight because I didn’t want to have to set my alarm tomorrow morning and get up to finish it last-minute. As I am the master of procrastination, I didn’t get that far after the kick-start I had on Thursday, and as I mentioned the apartment looks tidy, so when my friend asked me if I wanted to come over and watch a movie, I said yes if it’s ok that I bring my laptop and finish, it was.

Of course there were distractions at her place as well, just not as bad and as big, and also she was sitting next to me, pushing me gently along, so I finished it. At ten pm I had submitted the paper and was done. I’m not the type of person that finish things ahead of time, I’m the kind of person that kind of finish things at the last-minute, so this is a special moment for me.

And it feels good!! I even had to call my mum and tell her; I think she was impressed 🙂

Now fingers crossed that I pass the paper to, then I know I’m set to take on the real thing when the semester starts on the second of September.

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The mental preparation have begun

So I am a smoker, one of the few ones that are left in Sweden, this country (as many others) is doing a very good job at excluding smokers and setting regulations in such a way that people quit. I don’t believe in trying to dictate to people what they should and shouldn’t do, if we choose to do something that is bad for us, we should be allowed to do so and then of course deal with the consequences of our choices. I also believe that once they have done all they can to get people to quit the smoking they are going to go after the alcohol, it’s bad for you as well (remember where you heard that one first when you are sitting there making your own booze because the government said you can’t buy it anymore).

However, one of my main things I have said over the past few years, is that if I can’t afford to smoke, I will quit. I will not cut down on food and having fun so that I can smoke. With the whole being unemployed thing the budget has gotten quite tight and to be honest the smoking is no longer in my budget so unless I get a job during the next week, it’s time for me to own up to my own words and quit.

I can’t say it is something I’m looking forward to, it’s good company to have while just hanging out by myself most of the time, and it gives me a natural break every now and then from what ever sad thing I’m doing at the moment. However life is as life is and it just have to be done.

I kindly ask my friends and family to refrain from comments such as “it’s about time” or “finally” or anything down that line, and I also ask you to refrain from comments if I happen to have the occasional slip, they are most likely going to happen as I’m not 100% dead set on doing it right now.

I will attempt it, and do my best!

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I got an idea…

I can see on my stats that I have people from all over the world stopping by this blog, reading it. And as I’m getting back into my old reading habits I’m constantly looking for new books to read and would like to broaden my horizon a bit by reading books other than Swedish and american written ones.

So, my peeps that are reading this blog, are you keen on an online book club? I was thinking I could start a separate blog from this for the purpose, where we could take turns suggesting books to read, preferable by writers from our own countries (or the country we happen to live in) that have been translated into English. Doesn’t have to be new books, some of the old classics would work as well.

The idea would be that once a month, one person introduce the book, the rest of us would try to get our hands on it, read it and during the month we give input and comments on what we think about it. Sounds good?

I wouldn’t enforce any strict rules on attendance or anything, anyone is welcome and if you can’t read a book a month it’s ok if you stop by when you can.

Let me know if you are interested and I set it up 🙂 Just make a note in the comments field or send me a mail through the contact form found here.


I liked my idea so much, that I decided to go ahead with it (that’s just how I work), you can find it here.

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Hypnotisören – Kepler

A while back I read the book The Sandman by Kepler due to the online book club a Swedish morning paper had, of course it turned out that this was the latest book in a series of books about the finish-Swedish police officer Joona Linna. As it turned out one of the girls in my Irl book club here in Malmö had all the previous books, so I’m now borrowing them of her one after one, and have now read the first one The Hypnotist.

ShakyI apologize for the shaky picture, didn’t realize it was that bad when I took it and now I have already returned the book and received the next one, thus we are stuck with shaky picture.

I like this one better than the previous two I read, main character Mr Linna is more human and real in this one, the story line is still way out there and one can wonder where they get it all from (behind the name Kepler a woman and a man are hiding, writing the books together), not very believable. However when I read this type of books, a crime is committed and someone is to figure out who did it, I don’t need to belive. I’m not reading them for an intellectual challenge where I start questioning the question of why. For me these kind of books are relaxation, where a part of the brain can take a short vacation and the body can just relax.

So what’s it about? A family is found murdered with one survivor; the son. A doctor that used to, but no longer, use hypnosis to treat people is called in to help in trying to figure out what the boy saw. From there on the now and the past is linked together in order to arrive in the future where the bad guy is caught (sorry, spoiler alert). As a story, as make belive, it is believable and I liked it, and since I already told you I returned this one and got the next one, you already know that I will be reading that one to.

I still recommend them if you like the crime genre, and I want to remember checking last time that they are available in other languages than Swedish, like English for example.

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A productive morning

This morning I managed to get my stuff together and head down to the school library for a study session, I did so because they had the assigned book for my class and I’m happy I did. It is a great library, much better for studying or having some quiet time than the public library and I think maybe a few meters closer to my home as well.StudyingI will admit that the view might get a bit distracting, it’s easy to look out the window and get distracted while caught in a daydream, it’s a chance I’m willing to take!View View (2) ShelvesAfter finishing the part of my exam I could without my computer, I tried out one of the new study techniques that I learnt on the driving book, so I got some of that read as well. Leaving the library I thought I deserved a little reward for a job well done, and decided to try out a new sushi place that I had my eyes on for a while. With decent prices (unusual for Malmö sushi) and a nice look about it, I had high hopes for a new favorite food place, good sushi places are something that Malmö is lacking.LunchLooks real good, doesn’t it! But boy what a disappointment, too much dry rice that just grew in my mouth when I was chewing and to be honest I didn’t manage to eat all of them. When I left the restaurant the rice was like a big lump in my tummy, and I know for sure that I will never go back. A word of warning, if you come to Malmö and are looking for sushi, stay away from Kyoto Sushibar.

After the disappointing lunch I headed to the post office to pick up a package of books, one being the next book club book and the other one being the third book in a most amazing series of books about how it was being HIV positive and sick in AIDS in Sweden in the beginning of the eighties, I have read both book 1 and book 2 earlier and have been waiting with excitement for the third installment.New booksThe day didn’t end there though, after the first book pick-up, I went for a second one. One of the girls in my book club is in possession of anotehr series of books that I’m reading, so I swinged by her office to pick up the next one. Unfortunately today she had to work, so no coffee break. I’ll survive though as I’m back home on the couch typing up the exam questions that I answered at the library and will make an attempt on completing the whole thing today. Imagine if I could actually finish something on a Thursday that are not due until Monday!