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I would call it an ok day! (aka day 9 of 30)

I will not divulge what time I got up today, it did match last nights bedtime though, if I show you a picture of what the hat looks like now you might get an idea on how long I stayed up for. I did go straight to the yoga mat and my 13 minute session, so that felt good. I also realized that my living room needs a proper de-cluttering and cleaning, as I spend way to much of those 13 minutes focusing on the stuff around me. Once that was done I went for my morning ice-cream smoothie.


Spending my time with the perfect combo, playing Facebook games mixed with cleaning does good for the feel good feeling. I do something that I enjoy and then at the same time I get some grown-up stuff done, nice. It does make you hungry though, the not doing much, so I figured my favourite snack would do me well, tomato and mozzarella salad. I don’t think I could ever get enough of this.


The rest of the afternoon was spent in a combo of cleaning and playing games, and one job “application”, we’ll see if that one pans out.

As evening approached and it was dinner time, I didn’t feel like making anything so I checked with Miss T if she wanted to help me blow my budget a little bit more at a favorite place of ours, Vapiano, and she did. So my dinner was a yum, yum bruschetta pizza, nice company and a couple of glasses of red. Think we spent two hours in there. Always nice! You do get a bit lonely only having yourself for company through the day and I haven’t reached the point where I have conversations with myself yet, only with August and at least that’s another being.

Dinner Dinner (2)

I also got a super compliment for the way I looked today, so much that Miss T insisted on taking a picture, so here goes;


Am I looking good or what? (That’s not a home-made scarf so not for sale, sorry guys)

Settling in for the night, hoping to be able to sleep for a bit, until then I’m actually going to be organizing my ChefVille game, it happens to be even messier than my home!

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