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Back again :)

I didn’t really think that I asked to much of myself with my 7 things for 30 days however things didn’t work out as planned. The past week I’ve been feeling down and sad, you know that kind of sadness that you can’t really pinpoint, it’s just there and it doesn’t really matter what you do, it just wont go away.

After a weekend of friends and fun, I must say that I feel so much better and I think that tomorrow morning I can start again, start fresh.

So what has happened while I was gone?

Still no job, I do have several applications pending people’s return from vacation, so I hope at least one of them work out, I mean, all I need is one job. I also got accepted to a paper at university, not the degree I was hoping for and I really think that the universe is trying to tell me something as the paper that I will be taking is a philosophy paper rather than finance and IT (which I have been working with over the past years).

Knowing that as of September 2nd I will start school, go to lectures and hopefully meet some fun people did bring my mood up a tad until the student loan people kindly informed me that they wont be giving me a student loan. Of course I will appeal their decision, it’s just one more thing that didn’t go my way. And sometimes you kind of need things to just go your way.

What really sorted out my mood has been the past three days, which started on Friday night out with my favourite Latte Mum, not for coffee but for actual drinks, no children or any other distractions. I also made a new acquaintance wich is always nice.

Saturday continued with me cheering on Miss T when she completed yet another Half Marathon (I can’t belive it’s already been a year since I did mine, and I still stick with never doing another one ever again), and then a lovely (but real expensive) dinner out. Sitting under heaters when the rain is pouring down is quite nice.Dinner Rain

The final step to recovering my energy levels came today, when I joined the book club meeting for the second time. We had a lovely late lunch that lasted for almost three hours. Good food, fun people and just a nice sit down talking about everything and nothing (and a little bit about the book) did wonders for my mood.Lunch Birds

I’m smiling again now, and am looking forward to next week for once 🙂

Hope all is well with you guys!

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