A better day

I was right yesterday, my energy level has gone back up. Project returning-to-normal-hours went in the right direction as I managed to get up earlier than any day last week, still work in progress though. Going straight for the dishes and laundry did also dampen my feelings of guilt over the pot of coffee rather than breakfast that initiated the day as well.Dishes

After mixing the day with hanging on the couch and dishes/laundry (got loads done) it was time to head of to my driving lesson, something that previously have been associated with major frustration as I have some issues with the most basic things. Today we moved on to parking at this earned me praise from my driving teacher, and boosting my ego as I am related to some people with minor parking issues (wont mention any names, you know who you are).

The evening brought with it some sense of boredom and thoughts of maybe going to the grocery store or maybe just a walk, the weather gods helped me out with that decision by providing some rain.

Not much of a day to tell about really, if it wouldn’t have been for the e-mail received late this evening. It turns out that the very short but beneficial paper that I applied for but was wait listed for during the summer school semester, actually didn’t start until today. Thus, I’m no longer wait listed instead I have a lecture at 1pm tomorrow, another one on Wednesday, three more next week and an exam to pass. Man, do I look forward to these classes! They are not full day or anything, it’s just something to get me out of  the house doing something that feels useful. Very happy indeed!

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