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Amazing how little can make such a big difference

I had no problems making improvements to my project returning-to-normal-hours this morning, as I really wanted to get out of bed. There was also no issue getting load one, two and three of the laundry down, neither the dishes was a chore. And all of this just because I got into a very basic class in study technique that lasts for three weeks.

It’s just that finally I do something that requires my brain (other than driving a car) and be in a room with other people who also wants to use their brains, awesome.

After checking the map to see where the building was that I had my class in, I calculated approximately how long I would need to bike there and manage to find the room. I have to insist that there was something wrong with the map because it looked like I had to bike at least twice as far than I had to. This turned out to be just another thing that are just around the corner (I never want to move!) and it ended up being way to early and got a nice sit down waiting for class to start.

One of the downsides of getting a last-minute notice is that you don’t get the prep time, you know so that one can go out and get a new notebook and other important stuff like that, I just had to grab one I had at home.Notebook

I could also tell that I have been spending way to much time doing nothing because seriously people, I forgot to bring coffee! I will have learned my lesson by tomorrow morning. Lets hope the positive vibes keep on vibing!

Now, time for some Facebook games, guess I have to start weaning myself of them slowly, wont be much time left when school starts for real!

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